E17 Art Trail

Aha! Welcome to the E17 Art Trail crawlers.

You may notice that I have been not terribly active on this blog. Once upon a time I wrote on it constantly, then proceeded to delete the contents and start again with a few pix of new werx (now old-ish). And then I basically stopped again and focused on the new blogs in my life. And my life in general. And thennnn I reinvented myself and made some more stuff under the moniker neon cabbage roll. Some may call me fickle. To that I reply that I Do Many Things But I Lose Track And Get Distracted.

I shall attempt to add a little somethin' here from myself and my fellow exhibitors every day. I suppose I should also get around to reviving the yt communication page, a micropress project that I ran way back in the day. Again, I stopped that one and deleted the page (no point searching for it right now - sorry), but it will necessarily rise again because I went ahead and put out a wee book under that imprint...

In the meantime, I have been hellishly busy with organisational and curatorial stuff, from which I am currently and hellishly recuperating. So I shall begin this little post with the posters I made for the London Poetry Festival. I was mostly responsible for pulling together the exhibition (with a few pairs of helping hands):

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