from untitled spinal series (49"x29")



from A Discourse on Vegetation & Motion

(forthcoming from Critical Documents)

today I battle Aphids with oily Hands


today I prepare to stab
the larval Thing inching


today I'm ready to succumb to a Flashbulb


today the Cat is Blood


today there is no Horizon there
is leching & Froth the whole
Window goes white in fear
I must undress for Money


today, Epiphany:
I am Ally Sheedy
ripping Scalp for Dandruff
to snow onto the Desk
(& the Void is white
& to be blind in not Darkness
& to disappear…)


today I swallow Hair & Bees
I knit Mistruths, I crocodile


today the fascist
Insect that preys
upon the People
my Face in Two

sb and vaneigem (48"x28")

untitled thing (58"x44")

new curtain (84"x48")

from BLACK GLOVE SERIES (56"x31")