Sean Bonney

More available to see, alongside poetry, at abandonedbuildings.

collage by Borthwick

okay - two steps out of many, but you get the idea

shape cutting and trimming

dyed and fitted with snap


If you put any of these on, your knuckles will immediately fly towards the nearest face. Which may be your own.

nice n simple


There was a time when I drew loads of pictures of my cats in various media and different sizes from small to smaller and put them into all sorts of little frames and they were all in different styles...and the project was called DORIS LOVES HENRY, because those are the names of my cats, even though Doris never did love Henry. Until he died last year, after which time it became very clear how important he actually was to her.

The DORIS LOVES HENRY project was a financial failure. I tried selling these little pix at different craft markets, but to no avail. I think I might have sold three since I first made them back in 2008-2009. 

Cat lovers are, for the most part, disgusted by dismembered mice and dying birds, which is what was going on in a lot of these pix. And generally, cat lovers tend to prefer soft lighting and gentle pastel colours in cat/kitten art, while abstracted cats in scribbled gardens also just don't (or didn't) go down very well. So I began giving them away to friends and family who I knew would actually appreciate them, because they either a) have a sense of humour, b) truly love cats in all shapes and forms and colours and sizes, c) understand how ridiculous they are, and d) understand how bloody and vicious they can be. 

I still got a pile of these lovely objets around, and I'll have them out when I open the doors during the E17 Art Trail. They are all, you may notice, signed "KK", because when I first made them it was under the pseudonym Karolina Kr√≥lik. I have no idea why I chose to be a Polish rabbit called Karolina, but hey, I'd just had my first bit of brain damage at the time, plus I had somehow ended up leaving London to live in St Leonards on Sea. Really, the latter is the stronger excuse. A lot of strange things happened there. Like the first time I saw UFOs, and which a fleet of police helicopters went chasing, although it turned out they were just those orange floating lanterns. But still.  


E17 Art Trail

Aha! Welcome to the E17 Art Trail crawlers.

You may notice that I have been not terribly active on this blog. Once upon a time I wrote on it constantly, then proceeded to delete the contents and start again with a few pix of new werx (now old-ish). And then I basically stopped again and focused on the new blogs in my life. And my life in general. And thennnn I reinvented myself and made some more stuff under the moniker neon cabbage roll. Some may call me fickle. To that I reply that I Do Many Things But I Lose Track And Get Distracted.

I shall attempt to add a little somethin' here from myself and my fellow exhibitors every day. I suppose I should also get around to reviving the yt communication page, a micropress project that I ran way back in the day. Again, I stopped that one and deleted the page (no point searching for it right now - sorry), but it will necessarily rise again because I went ahead and put out a wee book under that imprint...

In the meantime, I have been hellishly busy with organisational and curatorial stuff, from which I am currently and hellishly recuperating. So I shall begin this little post with the posters I made for the London Poetry Festival. I was mostly responsible for pulling together the exhibition (with a few pairs of helping hands):